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Ensure your prescription matches the Ozempic® 4mg/3ml pen (weekly dose of 1mg). 


We do not accept screenshots of online portals or pharmacies as prescriptions. We do not do transfers prescriptions from pharmacies or prescribers offices – as they cannot transfer to Singapore. You will be responsible for providing and uploading you prescription.


Our healthcare team will review review and approve your prescription.


We will provide you a
tracking number via email



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Same Ozempic® Formula and pen found in the US from the same manufacturer.

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BUy Ozempic Singapore


You have 56 days to use the Ozempic® pen once arrived (due to temperature in packaging)

You can only order one-pen at a time

You are responsible for obtaining your prescription

The pen is in Croatian (if you do need instructions or help, we can have one of our pharmacists reach out to you)

Your Questions Answered:

Is this the same Ozempic® I can purchase in the United States?

Yes, this made by the exact same manufacturer, Novo Nordisk. There are no generics of Ozempic® (Semaglutide).

The only difference, is that this Ozempic® box will be in Croatian. But don’t worry, if you need a
pharmacy consultation, our English-speaking
pharmacists can help you out.

How long does it take to ship?

Shipping takes between 10-14 days. Your order will also have a tracking number, in which we will provide you via email.

We do not do automatic refills. Please place your orders for your refills with the shipping times in mind.

10-14 days


Since this is coming from Singapore, would it arrive cold?

It is highly likely this won’t arrive cold BUT Ozempic® can last up to 56 days once out of refrigerated temperatures. This has been confirmed by Novo Nordisk through their medication guides and patient leaflets.

Your parcel will also include a notification that this must be used within 56 days. If there is medication left after 56 days, please dispose.

Why is Our Ozempic® in Croatian?

Ozempic® comes in many different languages, as the medication is being used worldwide. Novo Nordisk (the manufacturers of Ozempic®) have plants throughout the world in many different countries. Our Ozempic® is produced in Croatia. Here are some examples of the different types of  Ozempic® you can find throughout the world:

Why Can’t I Order More Than One Pen?

Since this medication is coming from Singapore, it is likely that it will not arrive cold. One pen out of refrigerated temperatures can last 56 days. Typically, one pen lasts one month and we do not want to take the chance of sending you additional pens that you would have to dispose. It would be completely unsafe.

How come you can’t transfer my prescription
from my prescriber or pharmacy?

Because we are in Singapore. Our customers are responsible for obtaining their prescriptions themselves.
Many of our customers have had trouble obtaining their prescriptions from online doctors or offices where they only do e-prescriptions. However, our team has much experience advising customers on exactly what to do and ask for.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Are your Services safe?

Yes! At first, we were doing private orders for customers in the United States. After a few months, we decided to provide the services to more and more people. Now, we have built a website for all Americans to use our services and save hundreds and thousands of dollars on their Ozempic®.

Can I have a Refund after my order
has shipped?

Unfortunately, no. Once the product has shipped, we legally cannot take it back for any usage whatsoever. Hence, why we are fairly straightforward with our services and what comes with it. If you do not feevl comfortable using out services, please do not make an order.