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Ozempic Singapore

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It was a relief to speak with Ozempic Singapore's pharmacist who spoke English. They answered all my questions and assured me that the medication was the same despite the different language on the package.

March 26, 2023
Ian C.

USPS left my order at their postal office and they seemed to have lost it for one day. Very annoying. Would like to use a different carrier.

March 25, 2023
Mable V


March 24, 2023

The staff speak english

March 24, 2023
Constance Geramino

Despite the language difference, the Ozempic is still the same effective medication. Just weird having your medicine in a different language

March 23, 2023
Miss Sylvia

Need faster shipping

March 23, 2023

It’s going to arrive warm but you have 56 days to use it. Had to confirm with the pharmacist because the Ozempic is not in English.

March 6, 2023